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Why Us for Snow Removal?




We have plenty of commercial and residential snow removal references. Call us with questions about where we snow plow, shovel, and salting in the winter. Don’t wait for winter and contact us today for more information.



BSM Landscaping has insurance in the rare event that damage would occur to your property while plowing or shoveling snow from sidewalks and pathways.


Job Size

No lot or driveway is too big to be plowed. We’ve plowed, shoveled walks, and spread salt in lots of at least 280,000 sqft in size for customers of our snow removal services.


We do any sized lot or driveway, commercial or residential

Work with us

Snow Plowing + Removal + Shoveling + Salting

BSM Landscaping can be hired for any size job at any kind of location – from large commercial parking lots and sidewalks and from developments to driveways. We are your source for professional salt spreading, walkway shoveling, and snow removal in Mechanicsburg PA and surrounding parts of Central Pennsylvania. Call 717.497.6508 today for a free snow removal quote for your business or home.

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